BMMD Is Awarded 2020 Grants

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* BMMD was awarded a $25,000 wildfire grant from the Summit County Wildfire Council this year to help Wildernest residents maintain defensible space around their homes and to mitigate trees from vulnerable areas between Wildernest and Mesa Cortina. BMMD financially helped over 25 property owners by awarding matching grant monies to engage a licensed tree contractor to complete defensible space work by the end of July.  It was only 2 short years ago that wildfire threatened our beautiful community.  BMMD continues to enforce the Protective Covenants and mandates owners remove dead and diseased trees.  Do your part and maintain defensible space.


* BMMD was awarded a $55,845 grant from the Summit County Community Wildfire Protection Plan to help pay for the second of four planned underground vault pressure zone valve connections by changing from a manual system to automatic. This upgrade eliminates reliance on a manually operated system to allow water from an upper water storage tank to automatically flow to a lower water storage tank during fire flow events.


* BMMD was awarded $4,382 grant from the Special District Liability Pool for maintaining an excellent work safety and loss prevention program with no claims filed in the past ten years.  This grant paid for upgrades to the District computer programs to allow for remote work access during the Covid19 work restrictions.