Driveway Culverts

Keep Your Driveway Culverts Clear

BMMD performs regular maintenance on storm water systems along roadways within the District and where easements are provided.

Private property owners also need to conduct maintenance to ensure adequate drainage during heavy runoff. Over time and due to spring runoff and summer rainfall, driveway culverts can and will become clogged with mud and debris, impeding the flow and collection of water. Removing the clog is a dirty job, but it must be done if you want to maintain proper drainage around your property and prevent flood damage.

Driveway culverts connect open ditches on either side of a driveway. This allows water to flow under, rather than over the driveway. Do not fill in or pave over open ditches. Keep culverts clear of rocks and debris. Make sure that nothing blocks either end of the culvert. Sometimes all it takes is a shovel to clear debris.

Each property owner is responsible for maintaining drainage lines, ditches, culverts, ways or appurtenances serving their property. Leaks, stoppages, or breaks must be repaired by the property owner after notification of such condition by BMMD.