High Water Runoff

Summit County: Ready to Help Citizens Help Themselves

Late season snowfalls this season, combined with the pine beetle epidemic that has ravaged our forests, could result in a major spring run-off with above-average water levels in rivers and streams. This packet of information has been assembled to inform the community about the impacts of high water in May and/or June. The Towns and County have prepared a plan of action and are ready for a possible high water event. Summit County is prepared to help citizens help themselves.

Summit County usually doesn't realize the effects of the melt until the end of May or the first part of June; however, with fewer tress to absorb the water and no tree canopy to protect the snow pack from the sun, the snow melt may occur at an accelerated rate. No one can predict the spring weather, including warm temperatures and precipitation which will determine the rate of flow in the county's creeks. Local and State officials have been monitoring the flows in all waterways and are prepared to respond to the possibilities of high water situations.

Sand bags are available to Buffalo Mountain Metropolitan District residents during business hours, Monday through Friday 8 AM - 3 PM, at the District office located at 106 Adams Ave., Silverthorne.  PLEASE CALL 970-513-1300 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

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