Public Comment Guidelines

Meetings of the Board of Directors 

Public Comment Guidelines

Any citizen may attend a regular or special meeting or any other meeting where a quorum of the Buffalo Mountain Metropolitan Board of Directors will discuss public business.

All such citizens will be asked to sign into the meeting by providing their full name and property address, however it will not be mandatory.

The Board shall provide a period not to exceed thirty (30) minutes at the beginning of the agenda for citizen comment.

Each speaker may take up to five (5) minutes to make his or her comments. This time constraint may be modified by the Board President to be more than five minutes as necessary. Speakers will be advised when they have one minute remaining.

This is the time for citizens to express their views in order to inform the Board of Directors on issues of their concern. The Board will not engage in dialogue during this comment period but may instead refer specific policy questions to District staff or Counsel for investigation and response at a later date.

No action shall be taken during the comment portion of the meeting on issues raised by the public unless deemed an emergency by the Board.