2021 Transparency Notice

Special District - 2021 Transparency Information
Pursuant to section 32-1-809, Colorado Revised Statutes


This information is provided annually to the eligible electors of the district not later than January 15th each year.  Note that some information provided herein may be subject to change after the notice is posted.

District's Principal Business Office
Shellie Duplan
106 Adams Avenue
Silverthorne, Colorado 80498
(970) 513-1300

District's Physical Location
106 Adams Avenue, Silverthorne, CO, Summit County

Primary Contact Person or District Manager
Shellie Duplan
(970) 513-1300

Regular Board Meeting Information
District Offices
106 Adams Avenue
Silverthorne, Colorado
Third Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm.

Posting Place for Meeting Notice
District website homepage at http://bmmd.colorado.gov
and Front door of the District office
106 Adams Avenue  
Silverthorne, Colorado

Notice of Proposal Action to Fix or Increase Rates Fees, Rates, Tolls, Penalties or Charges for Domestic Water or Sanitary Sewer Services
$5.00 increase effective January 2021
Location - District Offices & website at http://bmmd.colorado.gov
Address - 106 Adams Avenue, Silverthorne, Colorado. 80498
Date - November 17, 2020
Notice - public meeting on 10/20/20, 5:00 p.m. at District office, 106 Adams Ave., Silverthorne, CO 80498 to discuss increase of water/sewer service rates by $5.00 in 2021. Notice of public meetings and proposed rate increase posted on District website at http://bmmd.colorado.gov, published in summer & fall 2020 District newsletter, and published on 3rd quarter 2020 billing statements. 

Current District Mill Levy
15 Mills

Ad Valorem Tax Revenue
Revenue reported may be incomplete or unaudited as of the date this Notice was posted.
1,099,432 (unaudited).

Date of Next Regular Election
May 3, 2022

Open Records Request - Pursuant to 24-72-205 C.R.S.
The district's research and retrieval fee is $30.00 per hour
District Policy: The Board has adopted a policy regarding the research and retrieval of the District's public records.  Policy can be found on District website. 

Names of District Board Members

  • Raoul Pietri, Jr.

Will this office be on the ballot at the next regular election?  Yes

  • Josh Shramo

Will this office be on the ballot at the next regular election?  Yes

  • Joseph Newhart, Chairman

Will this office be on the ballot at the next regular election?  Yes

  • Christopher Dorton

Will this office be on the ballot at the next regular election?  No

  • Cheryl Beeman

Will this office be on the ballot at the next regular election?  No

Board Candidate Self-Nomination Forms
Any eligible elector of the special district who desires to be a candidate for the office of special district must file a self-nomination and acceptance form or letter with the designated election official.

Deadline for Self-Nomination Forms
Self-nomination and acceptance forms or letters must be filed not less than 67 days before the date of the regular election. The self-nomination deadline for the 2022 regular election is 2/26/22.

District Election Results
The district's election results will be posted on the website of the Colorado Secretary of State www.sos.state.co.us and at http://bmmd.colorado.gov

Permanent Mail-In Voter Status
Absentee voting and Permanent absentee voter status (formerly Permanent Mail-In voter status): Where to obtain and return forms for Designated Election Official (see below).

Applications for absentee voting or for permanent absentee voter status are available from and must be returned to the Designated Election Official:
    Shellie Duplan, shellie@bmmd.org
    106 Adams Avenue  
    Silverthorne, Colorado 80498

Notice Can Also Be Found at Following Sites: ​Special District Association - www.sdaco.org and Colorado Department Of Local Affairs (DOLA) website - https://dola.colorado.gov/dlg_portal/filings.jsf?id=59005