Miscellaneous Fees

Unauthorized Connection Penalties
An unauthorized connection penalty equal to twice the applicable Systems Development Fee shall be payable by persons connecting to District water/sewer lines without prior approval.

Turn-Off Fee & Turn-On Fee
If services are discontinued at the request of the customer or due to delinquency, a $75 "turn-off" fee will be charged. If curb box/shut-off valves are not working, repair of same will be at the expense of the customer. A $75 "turn-on" fee will be charged in addition.

Water Meters
The cost of each meter shall be the actual cost paid by the District to its supplier plus 10% to cover the cost of transportation, storage etc.

Service Through Public and Private Hydrants
No hydrant, whether public or private, shall be turned on without prior District permission and only then following a Grant of Permit deposit of $1,000. Service shall be metered.

Protective Covenant Enforcement
A penalty of $50 will be imposed for a 2nd Notice of Violation. Failure to correct the violation will result in additional penalties of $100 for every subsequent 10-day period, or portion thereof, until corrected. Such penalties will be reflected on the next quarterly water/sewer invoice.

Architectural Review Committee Fee
Along with the completed application, the owner proposing a new project on any lot in Wildernest shall also pay an architectural review fee of $500 for a project up to three units plus $50 for each unit over three in any one project. Checks can be made payable to BMMD.