Water Sewer Billing

Buffalo Mountain Metro District has changed our water/sewer billing system. This upgrade will allow customers to setup and monitor their account online, 24/7, moving forward. Please register your account through American Conservation and Billing, otherwise known as AmCoBi.com

Please register your account through the AmCoBi website:
        1. Point your Web browser to: www.AmCoBi.com
        2. Select the “Pay Online” link on the home page.
        3. Follow the instructions.
Your online account allows you to choose the best payment options for you, check your account balance
and activity, and select to receive your water bill electronically (eBill).
AmCoBi's ePay service allows you to pay your bill online with an automatic withdrawal from your
checking/savings account (ACH) free of charge.

Please Only Register the Homeowners name in Aquahawk and Amcobi!  Homeowners need to able to be contacted in case of an Emergency.  



Additionally, AmCoBi provides online customer access to view current and projected water usage through their program called AquaHawk. 

Simply log into AquaHawk by pointing your browser to: https://buffco.aquahawk.us

Once on the site, select the Registration button and follow the instructions to register.

AquaHawk offers several benefits to Buffalo Mountain Metropolitan District customers including:

  • Set monthly threshold values in dollars for water and irrigation usage.
  • Set Daily/Weekly/Monthly usage thresholds and get notified if you are trending to exceed.
  • Provides timely alerts when problems are detected.
  • You can specify how you want to be contacted - text, e-mail, or phone.
  • Easy-to-understand and use, you can access the HELP menu for specific instructions
  • Provides a “single sign on” to the payment portal with the touch of a button so you do not need to re-enter credentials.

 Please click AmCoBi Billing.pdf for more information on the new capabilities of the online portal

Questions/ Contacts

     Amcobi is available Monday - Friday, from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Contact them by phone or e-mail:

            Toll-free: (877) 410-0167 x2

            E-mail: ClientCare@AmCoBi.com

    Or please reach out to the district with any questions or to verify the billing change.

          (970) 513-1300 or email Office@bmmd.org


If mailing payments, please mail to:

     Buffalo Mountain Metro District

     PO Box 51280

     Colorado Springs CO 80949

     (Please remember to write your account number on your check)


Late Fees and Collections

13 - PAYMENT OF SERVICE CHARGES: Statements for charges for all fees may be rendered on such periodic basis as the Board shall deem appropriate. Charges for late payments, turn-on, turn-off, protective covenant fines, water meter replacement, water/sewer status – title requests, etc., shall be added to the bills. Water and sewer bills will be sent to the Customer (and, where different, the owner of the property in question) by the District or authorized representative of, the first week of each quarter, and shall be payable within twenty-one (21) days of the statement date. Accounts that fail to make payments within 21 days of statement date will then be considered delinquent. A penalty may be assessed against all delinquencies in payment, together with the assessment of interest not to exceed one percent (1%) per month. Additionally, the District shall assign to any customer who is late in payment of their account, all legal, court, disconnection, and other costs necessary to or incidental to the collection of the amount. When such statements are forty-five (45) days delinquent, they shall be declared “overdue” and a shut-off notice shall be sent to the Customer by USPS mail, email, or however the customer has set their contact preferences, advising that payment must be made to avoid disconnection. The notice will include an opportunity for a hearing before a District employee or the Board prior to disconnection. If payment is not made within five (5) days of such shut-off notice, the District may shut-off the water service. The deposit for service, if any, shall be applied against the outstanding bill. See current “Fee Schedule” for updated water/ sewer rates, late fee charges, water/sewer status requests charges, etc and other district fees.