Pedestrian Path

Pedestrian Path Rules

Please follow these simple rules to help make our Pedestrian Path safe and enjoyable for all users:

  • Respect the other users of the trail no matter what their skill level speed and mode of travel.
  • Bicyclists allowed uphill travel only.
  • All users should keep to the right and be aware of traffic approaching from behind.
  • Always pass on the left and give an audible signal before overtaking and passing other users.
  • Do not block the trail.
  • Keep all pets on a leash and remember to clean up after your pets. BMMD provides free "Mutt Mitts" along the pedestrian path to help you pick-up after your dog. Do not throw the bag on the ground.
  • Be aware of intersections, street crossings, and all signage.
  • Keep the trail clean.