Currently Summit County Government contracts with the District for year round road maintenance for County roads and right-of-ways. This service/relationship has been a benefit to all parties and has been generally deemed to be in the best interest of the general public at large. The specific services to be provided by the District include:

  • Snow plowing 
  • Road sanding services including provision of material for sanding
  • Cutting back the snow pack along right-of-ways
  • Hauling snow to prescribed locations
  • Year round pot hole patching, which includes potholes that are one-square yard (SY) or less in area and the depth extends partially or entirely through the asphalt surface
  • Road ditch and culvert cleaning
  • Road shoulder shaping
  • Road sweeping
  • Sign repair
  • Guardrail repair
  • Striping
  • Crack filling/sealing

​Specific services to be provided by the County include:

  • Preventative maintenance treatments, including weed control, and seal coats such as chip seals, fog seals, or slurry seals
  • Corrective maintenance treatments, including pothole patching of areas greater than one square yard (SY), Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) overlays, and all other reconstruction or rehabilitation treatments.

Below are the specific roads which are the subject of this Agreement:

  • Bashor Cr (1276)
  • Buffalo Drive (1265)
  • Burgundy Cr (1273)
  • Burgundy Dr (1278)
  • Cutty Sark Cr (1275)
  • Eagles Nest Ct (1277)
  • Fawn Ct (1261)
  • Lacy Drive (1279)
  • Lodgepole Cr (1272)
  • Northside Cr (1267)
  • Poplar Cr (1268)
  • Ryan Gulch Cr (1262)
  • Ryan Gulch Rd (1260)
  • Salt Lick Cr (1263)
  • Salt Lick Ct (1264)
  • Sauterne Ln (1269)
  • Twenty Grand Dr (1270)
  • Wildernest Ct (1271)
  • Wildernest Rd (1255) - between Silverthorne Town limit and the Wildernest Commercial Center