Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing Procedures

Snow plowing, storage, and removal is a top priority for BMMD in winter. Our snowplow staff is dedicated to keeping Wildernest roads as clear and safe as possible. During snowstorms, we prioritize roads according to public safety needs. Ryan Gulch road is our top priority followed by Twenty Grand Drive and Buffalo Drive roads that serve as major routes for ambulances and fire trucks. Next, we focus on side roads, residential areas then the pedestrian path. 

Resident Responsibilities

Homeowners and residents are responsible for maintaining their own driveways, entrances, and parking areas. Keeping private residential driveways and HOA entrances open in winter is the responsibility of the property owner. This maintenance is an on-going issue that will help to alleviate potential blockages. Residents of Wildernest must also do their part by complying with the following Summit County/BMMD winter maintenance requirements:

  • Do not snow blow, plow, or shovel snow from your driveway out onto or across the road, right-of-way, recreation path or drainage ditch.

  • Do not park in streets/rights-of-way or recreation path. Parking any vehicle and/or trailer in the street or right-of-way is prohibited and subject to ticketing and/or towing.

  • Snow removed from a private driveway or parking area must be stored on your own property at least 10 feet from the paved edge of the road.

  • Do not let children play in roadside snowbanks!

  • Do not walk in the street! This is extremely dangerous for you and our plow drivers. Please carry a flashlight while walking at night so the plow drivers can see you.

  • It is illegal to pass on double yellow roads, i.e., Ryan Gulch. Do not pass plows! This is hazardous for you and for them.

  • Put your trash and recycling bins out on the morning of your collection day, not the night before, and remember to bring your bins back inside the same day. This is a year-round district requirement.

  • Always keep trash cans out of roads! Hint – shovel out a spot for the bins just off your driveway apron so the plows do not hit them. Drivers are not responsible for trash cans in roadways.

  • Mark your infrastructure (driveway culverts, driveways, outside water shut off or curb stop valve, sewer cleanouts, etc.).

  • Wear reflective or bright colored clothing and a headlamp to be visible in inclement weather and at night.

Pushbacks and Storage

Snow removal operations for county roadways utilize the right-of-way area as well as the easements on each property for snow storage. Snow removal operations during a storm, or the pushbacks that begin when the storm abates, may result in a berm of snow across private driveways or encroachments to county roads. These pushbacks may continue for days following a large storm. 

Ways to stay connected/informed:

  • Check our website. We will attempt to post the day before a pushback if possible.

  • District will try to email HOA companies to give advance warning of potential berms in driveways.

  • Look for our electronic sign at the bottom of the hill for up-to-date information.