Backflow Prevention Mandate

Water Backflow Prevention Mandates

As the water provider for properties in the Wildernest subdivision, the BMMD must comply with all State and Federal guidelines for safe drinking water. As such, new laws require all suppliers throughout the nation to mandate the use of an approved water backflow assembly for all multi-family/condo properties, irrigation systems, community pools/hot tubs, and properties with internal fire sprinkler systems. New mandates also require that district staff "survey" all backflow assemblies at all properties in the district. The survey will only be looking at the water service entering the building up to the backflow device. 

Water backflow from personal properties into a public water system can pollute or contaminate the water in that system and make it unsafe to drink. The job of backflow preventers is to 'prevent' water from getting back into the water supply. A backflow preventer is like a one-way check valve for water that allows for flow only in one direction. 

BMMD’s Cross-Connection Control (CCC) and Backflow Prevention Program Policy, is enforcing those State and Federal laws by requiring multi-family & condo properties located in Wildernest, to install and annually test, backflow devices on domestic water service lines that connect to the BMMD public water distribution system. Single family homes or duplex/triplex properties that are individually served by single water service lines are exempt from this CCC Policy.

All Wildernest multi-family and condo properties are subject to, and must abide by, this CCC Policy as a condition of water service. Failure to comply will subject the property to daily fines or discontinuation of water service. All HOA property management companies have been informed of these requirements and any actions needed to comply.  HOA Board of Directors should be aware that annual testing is required in properties that contain testable backflow devices.  Please call the District office or the HOA property management company if you have questions about this required policy.  

Click the following link to view the BMMD Cross Connection & Backflow Prevention Policy Ordinance, pursuant to Rules & Regulations, Article V, 500 11.

BMMD Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Ordinance.pdf