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Backflow Prevention Mandates

Why Multi-Family &, Condos Owners Are Required To Install Backflow Devices

As the water provider for properties in the Wildernest subdivision, the BMMD must comply with all State and Federal guidelines for safe drinking water. As such, new laws require all suppliers throughout the nation mandate the use of water backflow safety systems for all multi-family/condo properties, irrigation systems, community pools/hot tubs, and properties with separate fire sprinkler systems.

3% Rate Increase in 2020

Much of Wildernest's water and sewer infrastructure was built 30 to 50 years ago and until now BMMD has been able to rely on our current infrastructure without making large capital investments. That time has now come to an end. Due to age and growth, the District must make the needed improvements and will continue infrastructure replacement projects now and throughout the next five years. These projects come at a cost which must be passed along to the owners of the system‚ all Wildernest property owners.