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Are you Collecting & Remitting the Correct Amount of Sales Tax for your Short-Term Rental?

Short-term rentals (STR) in Colorado are subject to tax, including those in Wildernest.  Are you or your hosting platform collecting the right amount of sales tax for your STR home, including the 4% Wildernest sales tax that started on 7/1/21?  The current total sales tax rate you should be collecting and remitting is 12.375%. 

The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) requires STR hosts to collect applicable short-term rental sales taxes from their guests and remit them directly to the DOR. BMMD has been told by multiple property owners that some hosting platforms are not collecting or remitting the new 4% Wildernest sales tax to the DOR on their behalf. 

In many cases, the websites that handle booking your property as a short-term rental are considered "marketplace facilitators" under state sales tax laws (property owners are "marketplace sellers").  As a marketplace seller, you are relieved of tax compliance obligations provided that your contract with the marketplace facilitator explicitly provides that the marketplace facilitator will collect Colorado tax.  You may wish to request that the marketplace facilitator provide you with a certification that they are registered as a marketplace facilitator (see Colorado Department of Revenue Form DR 1290).  For more information on your obligations as a marketplace seller, refer to the Department's guidance publication on Marketplaces.

All sales tax questions should be addressed directly with the Colorado Department of Revenue at:  303-866-4850 or 303-238-7378, or email  dor_taxpayerservice@state.co.us.